Les Hauts de Dordogne

Open from May to October and located in the south of the Corrèze between Limousin and Quercy, the village is at the crossroad of a number of historical sites such as the Cluniac abbey of Beaulieu sur Dordogne, the medieval fortress of Castelnau as well as very beautiful villages such as Collonges la Rouge, Curemonte, Carennac and also nature sites like Le Gouffre de Padirac or the waterfalls of Gimel.

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The area benefits from a pleasant climate.

Overlooking the Dordogne river, the house offers a very beautiful view over the valley, over the village of Beaulieu
and over the green hills which stretch to the horizon towards the Lot.

Situated on the first floor,there are three light and spacious bedrooms,each with a bathroom ensuite.
Downstairs a cosy place with a view over the valley where you can find books to read and documents about the region.
Breakfast will be served either in the living room or on the terrace
unless you prefer the shade of the lime trees...

L'eau calme L'eau vive L'eau claire

The area is calm, encouraging rest and if you listen intently, the sounds of nature are all around you.
From the house one can walk along the little lanes and tracks or go down to enjoy the Dordogne 200m below.

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